Legal Security For The Children Of Separated Parents

Child financial support after divorce

There are many situations which force us to make decisions that can hurt our loved ones or us at the moment, but not making them sooner will hurt us more in the future. Sometimes, when things just wouldn’t work out, many families are just not meant to stay whole for reasons that can benefit the stakeholders in the future. More than the parents themselves, the children are the ones mostly affected by divorce, and to secure their future despite the spousal separation, child support is necessary to ensure that the kids will be less affected by the event financially.

What is Child Support?

Child support is under the jurisdiction of family law and public policy, where children affected by the separation of the parents, married or not, are given periodic payments by one of the parents to make them financially secure. Normally, the paying parent is the non-custodial parent since this parent will not be virtually present in every aspect of children’s lives.

The non-paying parent is otherwise called as the obligee or the custodian or legal guardian of the kids who will be there to provide their essential needs. The support payment may be given to the non-paying parent, or it may go directly to a bank account.

Intricacies of support

Payment of children support is not mutually exclusive to a particular gender. Regardless of parent’s gender, the parent who is not the custodian of the kids will have to pay for child support. Sometimes, this may become confusing especially when there is a joint custody for the children from both parents. In this case, the parent with the higher income will be required to pay the parent with a lower income.

Parental support for kids

There may even be times where both parents are sharing the same residence, but in this case, they must prove that they are paying in equal amounts. Otherwise, the one with the higher income will be considered a “non-resident” and will be required to pay the “resident” parent with a certain percentage of their earnings.

Child support customs vary from one state to another, and these states have different regulations regarding the use of support payment. Either way, child support money should be ideally used for a child’s basic needs such as clothing, food, education and some other requirements but there are also other states that support the “improvement” of a custodian’s living environment for the overall wellness of the children. Nonetheless, support money, in general, should be used for the whole holistic development of a child, not for his/her guardian.

Facing Tough Times And Moving Forward

There may be tough times that our families may face such as parental separation. However, this decision may be for the best. After undergoing such legal ordeals, children support agreement between involved parties must materialize to ensure the financial security of the children. There are several ways that child support is regulated under the jurisdiction of family law and public policy, in addition to the regulating measures that are employed by the state. It is important that regardless of these regulations, both parents must ensure the future of their children.

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